Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vikings Trade Harvin To Seattle

As I pointed out a few weeks ago I thought the Vikings would move Harvin. I am just shocked at what they got for him. It was clear Harvin no longer wanted to be in Minnesota. Until he speaks to reporters we can only speculate if it was due to play calling, Ponder or hit contract. I believe it was a combination of all of them, it was clear he was not happy with play calling at times. He had numerous shouting matches on the sidelines and in the locker rooms, last year he demanded a trade and then back tracked after talking to coaches. Then comes the confidence in Ponder, which is reported he didn't have. What I find strange is Harvin was on track to his best career season with Ponder at the helm. Now I know a lot Harvin's yards came after the catch, but Ponder still got him the ball. Harvin is a great talent, but no way does he deserve Megatron and Fitzgerald type money. Sorry..

So the Vikes got a 1st and 7th round this year with a 3 next year. Will be interesting to see how they approach the draft. They obviously need a WR since their only play maker on the outside is Wright. The biggest question is will they throw money at Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings, especially after being burned in the past by Bernard Berrian. They will probably sign a veteran wide out, but not a top tier. GM Rick Spielman likes to build through the draft and he will continue that this year and keep loading up this team with young talent. Much to the dismay of AP or Kevin William who seemed a little upset about the trade. Nobody can truly evaluate this trade for years to come, it depends on what Seattle does with Harvin and what the Vikes do with the picks.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time For Sports To Adjust To Modern TImes

So I was watching the WBC today and they brought up an interesting point about protecting players, mostly pitchers and catchers. One person tweeted all runners should have to slide at home and I think it's a great idea. You are required to slide at every other base and while it's a loose rule, it is a rule. One of the announcers mentioned that there is a rule in place you can only take out the catcher only when he has the ball, but let's be honest it's never enforced. While the collision at the plate is one of the most exciting plays it also very dangerous for both players. In this day and age sports bank on a players marketability and when someone like Buster Posey is taken out at home and has to miss time it not only hurts his team, but also the sport. Imagine if a catcher loses an acl to a collision at the plate? That would probably end his career.

Same thing on the flip side with pitchers, they are wide open to injury after every pitch. Each year a pitcher goes down after being hit by a line drive. Even two years ago with Juan Nicasio of the Rockies took a line drive that knocked him unconscious then broke his neck on the fall to the ground. You can't put equipment on a pitcher, but what if we could find a way to add a little padding inside their hats? Now I know what good is a little padding going to do against a line-drive? Well I don't know but we have technology for paper thin plastic to stop bullets so I'm sure there something more MLB could do to at least limit the damage from a line drive.

I know football is trying to adjust the game for less injuries, but I am not sure they are approaching it correctly. They are talking about widening the field thinking if you spread the players out it will limit the hard hits. I believe it will cause the opposite, given a safety more time to get a head of steam before delivering a hit is dangerous. Not to mention it does not appear players are getting the message. We still see players leaving their feet and leading with their heads. The NFL needs to stiffen penalties and I think both leagues need better drug testing. The players are getting too big and too fast, I mean it's unnatural.I am not talking about skinny guys who take steroids to heal, I am talking about the players who can't put there arms down. We look the other way because we love our sports, but steroids are running wild and testing can not catch up to the latest in designer steroids. It's time we adjust the game to modern times and make it safer for everyone.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rockies to Red Sox

It's hard being a Rockies fan, I mean really hard. I love Tulo, Cargo and every year I get excited about the young team they have. Then it happens the pitching struggles, Tulo gets hurt and Cargo is Cargo and racks most of the season. I don't mind the losing aspect of it because I am not a diehard baseball fan like football. The issue I have with the Rockies is the way the team is being run. Dan O'Dowd is a terrible GM and no respected manager wants to join the Rockies. They chased Jim Tracy away and hired Walt Weiss to basically be a puppet. I do like Weiss as a coach because of the way he played the game, 100% all the time and I think he could be a good coach if his hands aren't tied. I know the team has taking some of O’Dowd’s responsibilities away, but I can't help to think he will influence a lot of Weiss decisions. It's hard to be a fan of the Rockies when you feel like the owners and G.M could care less. We always hear about the great farm system they have, but I am just not seeing it right now...

So is it time to jump ship to the local Red Sox? I am dipping my toes in that pool, but not jumping right in. This would be the perfect season to become a fan. The team was terrible last year, they have a new coach, and they dumped players and have low expectations this year. So if anything I can't be considered a bandwagon fan, but that is where my issue is. I never disliked the Red Sox, they are somewhat local and I love the city of Boston...But the fans are terrible, I can never tell who is a fan because it seems like you only hear from them when they are winning or they are such homers that they use every excuse in the book. Blaming the coaching, injuries, the Yankees or the weather, ok maybe not the weather. I am sure most fans are like this and it's not only a Boston thing. I am just exposed to it because of where I live; I also notice it with the area Yankee fans.

But maybe it's that passion that draws me to Boston. The atmosphere at Fenway is like that of no other, I am not sure if it's the overpriced food or crappy seats, but there is something about going to a game in Boston that gets me every time. I have been to Yankee stadium and it just doesn't feel the same. Even though both teams are rich in baseball history there is just something about Fenway and Boston. So this year I am going to pay more attention to the Sox and see where it takes me. Hopefully my boy Willibrooks can stay off the DL and boost my fantasy team. I think it's time to cheer for the home team.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tough Mudder, Spartan Run, Warrior Dash ?

It's expensive to get your ass kicked these days. I am sure by now you have heard of these races, Tough Mudders, Spartan Run, Warrior Dash, Steeple Chase and Run For Your Lives. If you haven't basically you pay a fee to run a race on an obstacle course. Each race offers something different, but the most popular one is the Tough Mudders race which known to electrocute racers throughout the course. Don't worry anything harmful or at least they say, it's just loose wires hanging from a net that sap you as you attempt to run through... So much is misery worth? Well most of these courses will cost you between $50 and $100 to wade through waist deep mud, crawl under barbed wire, climb through ice water filled tunnels, jump over a fire wall and get shocked at the end. But wait act now and they will throw in a beer and a t-shirt.

And yet I still want to sign up for a race, I am not sure which one but I am leaning towards our local Warrior Dash and Run For Your Lives. The Warrior Dash takes place in a local park, which includes ziplines, swimings and cargo nets. Nothing too crazy, while the Run For Lives is a zombie themed one where you run through the course with flags on while being chased by zombies... How could that not be fun...

Why would we put ourselves through any of these courses? Well for me it brings back feelings as a kid running through the woods and diving over logs with my toy guns. After reading many reviews of these different races it's easy to see why people would be better off skipping them. You watch a promo video and you are pumped up to run through fire, but in the end you are walking with thousands of people from one obstacle to another. While none of the obstacles are mandatory why pay money to walk and skip the obstacles? Most people admit they would never do it again, because it was brutal on their bodies, but it's the same thing as drinking too much. You get sick and swear you will never do it again, until next week you are pounding the drinks again. I highly doubt I will be as excited as the people in the promo videos, I still think I will put myself through the misery at least once.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vikings to trade Percy Harvin?

Will the Vikings try and trade Harvin? Indications are they will listen to offers for him. What scouts are reporting is the Vikings will not receive a 1st round pick for him though. Harvin is a interesting player, there is no doubting his on field effort, but his off field baggage is what scares people.

Harvin is an explosive player on and off the field. During the first half of this season Harvin's name was attached to early MVP. Off the field he is known to argue with teammates and coaches. Local reporters were able to turn away when Harvin had it out with Childress who was not liked among players. That said it raised eyebrows when reports surfaced of him arguing with Les Frazier who is as even keeled as they come. When things don't go right he gets upset and that is partly due to his competitive nature but also his moodiness.

So what can the Vikings expect in return? I'd expect a package of picks such as a 2nd and 4th rounder. It's really hard to envision a marquee player coming back in the deal, just because of the money involved and the market value of that player. I did hear two scenario's neither of which I could see playing out.

The first was the Niners sending Alex Smith to the Vikings for Harvin along with a pick. This won't work for two reasons. Alex Smith wants to start and while he is a good solider I can't seem him sitting behind Ponder. Next why would the Vikings trade for a player who could be released and sign him for nothing? Doesn't make much sense to me.

The next was a more interesting one, the Vikings sending Harvin and another player to Arizona for Larry Fitzgerald. One paper it seems like a good deal for both teams.The Cardinals could start getting younger and Fitz could get a fresh start while providing the Vikings the wr they desperately need. For this to happen Fitz would have to force the Cardinals to trade him which I just don't see him doing.

Again I don't see either one of these happening, I do believe the Vikings will move Harvin for a couple picks cause that is the current format for the Vikings, they build through the draft. If the Vikings are going to do it, they need to do it now. Harvin is in the last year of his deal and will hold out without a new contract. Either way his days in a Vikings jersey appear to be over.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh Stop It Ray, Ray

I know I am weeks behind on this one, but is anyone else tired of Ray Lewis? Every time the camera is on this guy he cries. My issue isn't so much the crying, but the way he dodges question's about his past by crying and thanking god.

I swear that is the go to move for athlete's trying to shake their past or their get out of jail free card. When Lewis was pressed about his past he said it's the devils work. Then when asked again he said nobody was qualified to ask him about his murder case. I wish one of the victims family members were there to ask him since they are more than qualified. While I know this wouldn't be possible, it would force him to answer questions.

I was a Ray Lewis fan before the playoffs and now I can't stand the guy. Everything he does and says seems to be fake and a show. From the begining I believed this would be a distraction from the team because everything was about Lewis. Now looking back on it, he protected them with everything being about him it almost appeared the team was extremely loose.

It will be interesting to see how he makes the transition from field to booth. He will offer some great insight to the game, but I don't believe he will be able to keep his emotions in check and will make for some great banter among other analyst.  I am excited the playoffs are over so I don't have to see the water works anymore, but it was short lived once I realized he will be on my TV every Sunday when the season rolls around.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quick Pick

Just a quick pick of the NFL playoffs this week..

Denver over Baltimore - In my opinion Baltimores defense is not what it once was and  Flacco can't hang with Peyton in a shootout.

Niners over Greenbay - Greenbay is red hot, no doubting that and they were my SuperBowl pick at the begining of the season. The Niners match up well against Greenbay, they run well control the tempo and have a solid defense with Justin Smith returning

Seahawks over Atlanta - Sorry Atlanta I am not sold on you.. You can't run and have a iffy defense, while Seahawks can cover all aspects of the game.. Solid QB, strong ground game and strong defense.

New England over Houston - This game will be a blowout just like a couple weeks ago. Houston has nothing new to offer the Patriots.